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7 hot tips for the new Cunnamulla Hot Springs


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Feb 16, 2024
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Cunnamulla Hot Springs

Wow, Cunnamulla Hot Springs is excellent, and here’s our hot tips! It has six pools, all different temperatures and sunset views over the river, if you time it right.

Cunnamulla Hot Springs with six different pools

Plus a relaxation room, sauna and cafe. Top notch fun with my sister, we loved it – what an epic start to our ‘across the centre’ trip.

At the end of the complex, you’ll see the most daunting pool of all! The 10 degree plunge pool – we both did it! I even made my head go under.

Cunnamulla Hot Springs plunge pool

This new attraction opened February this year.

Here’s our tips:

  1. Arrive early for sunset.
  2. Allocate time until well after sunset as the colours get better and better! Wait a little longer and the bird life is astounding!
  3. You can byo snacks, but no alcohol onsite. Water and tea provided.
  4. There’s a cafe on site.
  5. All temperatures are marked. Take your pick! The magnesium pool is under cover.
  6. Once you’ve arrived you can stay until close.
  7. The pools are just around the corner from the Cunnamulla Fella. So go see him as well.

We booked online. Although we are used to free hot springs or low cost, this is still a unique attraction I would recommend.

The Cunnamulla Hot Springs are currently open Thursday to Monday from 6am-8pm. They are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Opening hours will extend in the cooler months.

Cunnamulla Hot Springs entrance

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