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Irrigation incentives help Oregon farmers save water and lower costs


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Feb 16, 2024
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For farmers all over Oregon, water is essential to their business. Using it efficiently is a priority to help control costs and manage the effects of long-term drought.

Energy Trust of Oregon is helping farmers invest in new irrigation equipment and processes that allow them to save both water and energy.

Older irrigation equipment is prone to leaks that waste water. Energy Trust offers rebates on replacement equipment like sprinklers and gaskets to make your system more watertight. You can also receive incentives on pump and irrigation system upgrades that improve efficiency and lower costs while delivering water directly to the plants.

Cameron and Garrett Duncan, owners of Duncan Livestock and Hay in Klamath Falls, worked with Energy Trust to replace existing wheel lines with a mechanized pivot system and to install a new pump station. Following their upgrades, it is estimated they will use up to 40% less water. Irrigation improvements are a successful part of their journey to conserve resources after years of drought and create a more sustainable farm.

New irrigation equipment and systems can also reduce labor and maintenance costs, which also helps agricultural businesses be more resilient. Felipe Jimenez, owner of Jimenez Farms in Umatilla County, worked with Energy Trust to upgrade the farm’s irrigation systems. In addition to using an estimated 33% less energy and 13% less water, the farm is saving thousands of dollars in maintenance and labor, while boosting crop production by as much as 10%.

Irrigation upgrades are one of the first, and best, options for an agricultural business looking to save water and money. Energy Trust offers a range of irrigation incentives, including:

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